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CBRE Build is a group of tech teams located deep in the heart of CBRE, Earth’s biggest commercial real estate company. We have a diversity of backgrounds and skills: engineers, designers, managers, researchers, thinkers, jokesters, and do-gooders inventing the future of an enormous industry with a long, rich past. From just a few offices around the planet, we are changing the way people relate to the spaces that stage their lives.

What We


Spacer helps you determine the right amount of space for your next office.

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MarketDash creates data-driven, interactive, and portable presentations that help people understand commercial real estate in their city.

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Plans makes floor plans interactive, allowing anyone to experiment with the possibilities of a space and explore their layout in 3D.

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Build 3D

Our team of 3D artists creates a custom model of any building. Then we host the model online for exploration. The result: beautiful, interactive tours of buildings long before they’re built.

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