Host leverages the power of CBRE’s market-leading strengths in workplace strategy and occupancy planning, design and build-out, and property and facilities management and couples that with industry-leading technology capabilities. Solutions are customized to deliver each client’s workplace requirements to fit their unique culture and needs.

Who does Host help, and how?

Host delivers enhanced employee experiences in the workplace through an industry leading digital offering. It’s great for property investors to make their office spaces more attractive to tenants, for employers who want to attract great talent and for employees to find a workplace that meets their needs. Host integrates property services and amenities with advanced digital technology.

On Stage at Microsoft

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, featured Host (formerly CBRE 360) and demoed it on stage during his keynotes at the Ignite and Inspire conferences in 2018.

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How It Works


An enhanced workplace experience is delivered directly into the hands of employees and tenants via a platform agnostic app – yes, that means it works for everyone whether you’re an iOS or Android fan.

Workplace experience for everyone whether you’re an iOS or Android fan.


At workplaces enabled with the app, users can select options that fit their needs, like making calls, working in a quiet space or finding the nearest coffee station for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Demo of market activity.


Has a colleague scheduled a meeting but you’re not sure where the meeting room is? Host gives you turn-by-turn directions through the office to help you find your way.

Demo of market scoring report.

Mobile food and beverage ordering

You can even get connected to your building’s amenities and skip the lines with mobile food and beverage ordering.

Demo of market analysis.

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Technologies that power Host

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Challenges of building Host 

If you were on the Host team, here are some problems you might solve.

Building an extensible, interoperable, secure, resilient platform that leverages the wisdom of the community to enable global scale

Bringing our vision of transforming the workplace to life

Reimagining existing products and services through an optimized blend of physical and digital capabilities

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