Global LaborView

Built on a highly visual, intuitive user interface, Global LaborView synthesizes labor and market intelligence in realtime, helping companies use data to make decisions about strategy, hiring, and location planning.

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Who does Global LaborView help, and how?
Real estate professionals need accurate and timely information to navigate the complex, labor-driven real estate market. Global LaborView, a proprietary, web-based application delivers leading demographic and economic indicators, coupled with accurate labor market and business intelligence for locations worldwide.

“With the help of CBRE Labor Analytics, Peloton evaluated four different markets before deciding to place the regional campus in the Dallas area.”

Dallas Business Journal


The cycling company plans to hire 400 workers at a new regional headquarters in Plano.

How It Works


Explore macro site-selection analytics across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

Demo of analytics across the world.
Demo of market activity.


Plan expansion and/or growth scenarios through focused market scalability analysis and monitoring of competitive market activity by city.


Create customizable side-by-side, skill-based comparative market scoring reports.

Demo of market scoring report.
Demo of market analysis.


Run executive level and detailed reports and analysis.

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Technologies that power Global LaborView

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Challenges of building Global LaborView

If you were on the Global LaborView team, here are some problems you might solve.

Synthesizing data from cities across the world to create data comparisons in realtime
Building an interactive, intuitive UI given the extensive analytics
Ensuring the data can be easily exported into a consumable format

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