New York City is the birthplace of CBRE Build. Our team began as a startup called Floored. We’re known for our nifty 3D software and our homey work culture.
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Spacer helps you determine the right amount of space for your next office.

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MarketDash creates data-driven, interactive, and portable presentations that help people understand commercial real estate in their city.

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Plans makes floor plans interactive, allowing anyone to experiment with the possibilities of a space and explore their layout in 3D.

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Build 3D

Build 3D

Our team of 3D artists creates a custom model of any building. Then we host the model online for exploration. The result: beautiful, interactive tours of buildings long before they’re built.

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We're Like

Best of Both Worlds

As a startup acquired by a huge company, we have a uniquely great situation: the cozy, hands-on work culture of the former with the resources and reach of the latter. We’re a small team, but we can draw on troves of global data and spin up a massive machine to multiply our impact. It’s a dynamic that just doesn’t exist in too many other places.

Unsolved Problems

Real estate is a tech-starved industry rife with fresh challenges. That means there are interesting, meaty problems to solve. Working here is an opportunity to tackle the fun stuff — not to optimize solutions someone else built.

Food & Drink

They’re a lynchpin of startup life, and yep, we’ve got em. We do healthy catered lunches twice a week and a snacky, kinda-less-healthy happy hour on Fridays. As for coffee, we roast our own espresso beans right in the office.

Huge Impact

As CBRE’s in-house software team, our mission is to use technology to change how the company does business. And because CBRE is the biggest player in its arena, if we succeed, we’ll have reinvented a massive, global industry.

Work-life Balance

You know why you always have your best ideas in the shower? Because when you’re at ease, you can use your brain’s full bandwidth. That’s the guiding principle of our office policies. We’ll let you take care of life so you can do your best work — and we’ll make sure that when you’re working, you’ll love your team and workspace.


When trying to solve hard problems, homogeneity of approach simply doesn’t yield results. So we celebrate our differences as vital tools to our success. We want our team to reflect our city, and we’re doing pretty well: half the team are women (yes, even the engineers)!


As of this writing, we have two book clubs (fiction and non), a softball team, digital painting club, and a volleyball team; a sales gong (and our top seller’s 4-foot-high head on the wall); outings to Animation Night; and board game night and in-office movie night (with themed cocktails). And that’s just the stuff we’ve organized ourselves, bottom-up, because we genuinely like hanging out. There are work-planned activities too: team trips to escape the room, paint-and-sip or glaze-and-sip, and surf lessons. And as you can imagine, the lightness of mood flows productively into our everyday office spirit.

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We’re 57 New Yorkers building
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