3D for Every Commercial Space

A new, accessible approach to moving the commercial real estate industry from 2D to 3D

Plans 3D Launch from Floored on Vimeo.

Video of Plans 3D in Action

Over the last few years, Floored has built a set of new technologies for real estate visualization - providing universal access to interactive 3D digital spaces, which previously required the installation of special software and high end computing hardware.

Five months ago, Floored launched Plans, with the intent of democratizing commercial office planning and visualization. Plans takes what used to be a black-box process (performed using expensive tools that require years of training) and puts space planning directly in the hands of those who need it most: brokers, building owners, tenants and workplace managers.

This week we announce a unified platform that ties all of our technology together.

For the first time ever, using a basic form of input (2D CAD plan), Plans will transform lines into a smart interactive 2D test-fit that can be easily reconfigured by lay users, finalized into a custom plan, and generate a fully interactive 3D model with a single click. A process that used to take days, if not weeks, is now compressed into a matter of seconds.

We're launching Plans with 5 Default Style Templates that capture a broad variety of planning styles (Modern, Eclectic, Luxe, Conservative, and Industrial) that will allow you to view any space plan in a default style.

Modern Floored Plans stylepack


Eclectic Floored Plans stylepack


luxe 150x150


Luxe Floored Plans stylepack


Conservative Floored Plans stylepack


Industrial Floored Plans stylepack

Custom Style

We are also integrating Plans with our extensive library of 10,000+ real-world-products comprised of furniture, architectural materials, fixtures, artwork, accessories, which will allow fast customization of 3D "Style Packs." Specifying selections for custom style packs will allow Architects, Interior Designers, Furniture Sales Reps and Manufacturers, Space Planners, and Workplace Strategists, to create highly individualized 3D visualizations on-the-fly.

Floored Plans stylepack accessories options

Floored Plans stylepack art options

Floored Plans stylepack benching options

Floored Plans stylepack carpet options

Floored Plans stylepack fixtures options

Floored Plans stylepack seating options

We are evolving the industry's workflow into something that is more productive, more visual and more fun. This technology launches today, though most expected it 5 years from now.

Reach out to learn more:

CRE Building owners and brokers: Peter.Alden@cbre.com

Architecture firms & furniture manufacturers: Sydney.Talcott@cbre.com

All who want to complain: David.Eisenberg@cbre.com