About Us

2013 04 03 about us

Over the past few months the Floored team has grown steadily to the point where we're now 10 full-time. We recently moved into a new office that can support our rapid growth. By the numbers, we're 80% in engineering & 3D modeling and 20% on business/sales, 20% female and 100% awesome! pumped to be adding four more to our ranks this summer.

To celebrate hitting our second digit of headcount we got in touch with Michael Raphael, the CEO of Direct Dimensions, and the visionary behind Shapeshot to help digitize our team into 3D. So two weeks ago we headed over to the Makerbot store around the corner from us and got our faces digitally imaged into 3D. The results are available on our new About page, but you'll need webGL to get the full effect. (We like to visit the page using Google Chrome.) Also, a pro tip: try clicking on our faces; it's Easter season.

In the meantime, here's a quick overview of our new team members and a few notes on what everyone is working on:

Jake is responsible for all things design at Floored. Jake's talents range from designing the interactions in our iPad app, to those in our web viewer, to our website, business card and soon enough, the interior design for our office. Some say his versatility is as wild as his hair. Jake came to us via Quirky via Stamped via RISD via Carnegie Mellon.

Nick is a software engineer who specializes in really hard to crack problems in 3D space. His background runs the gamut from computer vision to hardware hacking to writing his own video game shaders while at RISD. Right now Nick is a primary architect on our 3D data refinement software that we call CloudLab.

Nik brings almost two decades worth of 3D modeling and rendering expertise to our team. He upped the quality of our custom designed 3D models 10x when he joined full time and he's been helping manage our production line in order to please our clients over and over.

Sonia is a software engineer who also brings tremendous talent to the company. When we saw her resume come through with the @MIT.edu suffix, we had to admit that we had never seen a GPA that high before. Couple her amazing raw talent with crazy proficiency at camera hacking, image processing and ice hockey stats recall and we're lucky to have her as a cornerstone of the engineering team.

Daniel is part of the business development team at Floored and our newest team member. A classic underachiever, Daniel majored in computer science at Harvard and was a nationally recognized pianist and mathematician before going to finishing school at Goldman Sachs and McKinsey. If you have product or sales ideas for Daniel, send him a note! He's very fast on email and much less pretentious than our CEO.

If you think you might want to be the 11th member of our team, check out our jobs page and apply!