Announcing 3D Floorplans on Streeteasy

Today, we are proud to launch of one of our most significant developments to date: an exclusive partnership with StreetEasy, New York City's leading real estate marketplace, that leverages 3D models to help apartment hunters clearly envision individual spaces. Beginning this morning, visitors to select listings on Streeteasy will be able to explore 3D floorplans, removing the guesswork that has always been a part of shopping for a new home.


Unlike photographs, which can only give an idea of an apartment's layout, and even traditional 2D floorplans, which can be inaccurate and hard to read, our interactive 3D floorplans give potential tenants what they really want: an easy-to-understand sense of the space. We're thrilled to empower buyers to freely inspect each listing, enabling quick answers to both general concerns ("Does the layout of this apartment work for me?") and specific details ("Where are the closets? How big are they?"). This brings unprecedented transparency to real estate shopping, and can even shorten the decision making process, as buyers may now make significantly better-informed decisions without a physical visit.

Providing a simple 3D experience to all visitors, regardless of their device or browser, meant deep collaboration across all of Floored's teams. The 3D viewer we created for Streeteasy leverages our best in graphics, all of our web app knowhow, and insights from the 3D production team. The viewer is the broadest deployment yet of Luma, our homemade rendering engine, and, for users who can't view WebGL, it gracefully falls back to images automatically generated on the server. The result of all this hard work and technology is a guarantee we that we deliver a modern, interactive 3D experience to every visitor.

As excited as we are about today, we're already looking ahead to the future of this partnership. We're investigating new features: an immersive first-person view, (like in our core engine); measurement and design tools; new data impossible to derive from a 2D floorplan (e.g. the volume of a closet); reporting of quality and direction of light across the day, and much more. And with research into diverse topics such as laser-scanning, computer vision, and procedural 3D modeling, we continue to advance towards our goal of instant, automatic generation of 3D floorplans.

It's a big day for us. But we think it's an even bigger day for real estate consumers in New York.

See it for yourself: check out a 3D model on Streeteasy. →