Floored Visits the Brooklyn Brewery

Here at Floored we spend a lot of time sitting in front of computers pressing buttons. It's fun, rewarding and sometimes it produces some pretty cool stuff. Every once in a while though we take a break and go out into the world to drink beer and press other people's buttons.

Last month the whole company took a trip to the Brooklyn Brewery. We drank some beer, took a tour of the production line, drank some more beer, ate delicious food from Dinosaur BBQ and washed that down with a bit more beer. Good clean fun was had by all.

Fun fact we learned on the tour: This will come as no surprise to Floored blog readers who also follow the Swedish brewing industry, but apparently Brooklyn Brewery is the number one beer brand in Sweden! Tell your friends.

2014 04 14 Brooklyn brewery 6 These 2D images don't do the brewery justice. Unfortunately they declined our offer to scan the building.