Client Testimonial- The Elisabeth Morrow School

Floored recently completed work on our first project in the field of education: a model of the planned expansion at New Jersey's Elisabeth Morrow School. The School's Board of Trustees needed a way to show its donors how the new addition would transform the original 1936 architecture. With Floored's help, they were able to provide an interactive 3D look into the school's near future, and to secure their funding for the development.

At the project's completion, we were thrilled to recieve this glowing testimonial from Ted Hunter, Vice President of the School's Board of Trustees.

We engaged Floored to help us with fundraising for the expansion of our independent school. We had invested in a few standard, two-dimensional renderings that we thought our community would like, and they did like them, but the feedback we got was that they really wanted something that made our project come to life.

That's where Floored came in. The 3D Model that Floored prepared for us was exactly what our donors needed in order to experience the transformational impact the project we were planning would have on our school. The Model helped to show our donors not only how the new spaces would look, but it allowed them to feel how the new spaces would interact with the old spaces and how the blending of styles we were proposing would create a design synergy. Most importantly, Floored's 3D Model allowed our donors to be in the driver's seat. The interactivity of the Model enabled them to test drive different parts of the building and allowed them to experience what the future holds for our school.

I would recommend this innovative product and the team at Floored, who were professional and creative and a pleasure to work with, to any organization or company with a need to make their development project come to life.

To explore the Elisabeth Morrow School's beautiful expansion for yourself, click here.