September's Cool Things

At Floored we read a lot of different stuff from all over the web. Each month we put together a list of the coolest stuff we've seen recently. Whether they're new, or just new to us, some will probably be new to you. Enjoy!

  1. Dynamic lighting becomes a puzzle in this forthcoming iPad app.

  2. A neat filtering tool.

  3. Created for a SIGGRAPH presentation, this page presents a 3D story about a lonely "space puppy" in a psychedelic, underwater world, which is a thin allegory for the state of 3D on the web.

  4. More amazing things are being done with Oculus.

  5. Nifty 3D gallery for artist Olafur Eliasson, whose work is worthy of the "cool thing" title all by itself.

  6. Realtime face-tracking and projection mapping

  7. A cool clock animation using bezier curves.

  8. Good short video from John Carmack on the new Samsung mobile VR display.

  9. Great 3D WebGL experience from Nike.

  10. This monocular slam algorithm was really cool.