Don't Use Internet Explorer

At Floored, not a day goes by when you won't find us lobbying our customers' IT teams to upgrade their firms to a modern web browser. Most use years-old versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, a notoriously bad software citizen, and a hefty thorn in the side of Floored's developers. That's because unlike Explorer, modern browsers, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox natively support WebGL. As the powerful new standard in web-based 3D graphics, WebGL is the language that Floored uses to deliver 3D content to your browser without the need for a plug-in.

This week, however, our case to our customers was made even stronger: US & UK Governments have advised businesses not to use Internet Explorer due to newly discovered security flaws that leave its users vulnerable to attacks by hackers. This is the latest in a decade-long series of Explorer-specific missteps, security holes, and other headaches.

If your organization uses Internet Explorer (and/or Windows XP or Windows 7), please encourage your IT team to move as quickly as possible to migrate your company to a more modern infrastructure. After all, not only will it unlock the capability for you to use 3D content in the future much more easily, but it will make your computer safer as well. We give Google Chrome our highest recommendation for its security, 3D aptitude, and its ability to silently update itself, sparing you from ever having to worry about problems like this again.

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