For Valentine's Day, a Love Poem for Floored

I've developed towers gleaming

flagship stores, and plazas teeming

but never could stop yearning, dreaming

of some unknown invention.

Until a call as cold as sleet

Did ring my phone, and I did greet

A salesman by the name of Pete;

We'd met at the convention.

"The future's now," his pitch began,

"Get rid of that old flat floor plan!"

"In marketing, we crush it, man!"

He sure had my attention.

Tremb'ling, my hand clicked his link

And quick upon my screen did blink-

Could it be true? Dare did I think?

A space with third dimension.

Stunned I sat, in laptop's gleam,

An answer to my fervent dream!

I'll move space like a football team!

"Touchdown!," the crowd roared.

And now I have no vacancies,

I lease my properties with ease,

Tenants explore as they please-

Yes, I'm in love with Floored.