GenTech 2014!

Dave, our CEO, and Neha, a software engineer on our applications team, had an awesome time today speaking to the enthusiastic kids of NYC Generation Tech. GenTech is a STEM-focused entrepreneurship summer program launched in partnership with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). GenTech provides underserved NYC high school students with hands-on learning experiences, exposure to the NYC innovation and technology ecosystem, and valuable mentorship opportunities. Please click here for highlights and press coverage of the first two years of the program.

We discussed our computer graphics workflow, the advantages of studying CS and being a software engineer in the new economy and pathways to both starting a company and/or working at a tech startup.

2014 07 14 gentech The kids were amazing, so inquisitive, so excited about their projects, they inspired us! So much so that we had to take this sweet #selfie after our talk & demo.