Introducing Plans for Tenants

In its first year, we built Plans for owners and agency brokers. But we soon discovered that tenant reps were just as interested in a friendly tool for quick test fits and simple marketing materials. The feedback was consistent: tenant reps wanted to let tenants customize their favorite spaces in Plans.

Today, we're thrilled to announce the completion of this very feature. We've been working hard all summer speaking with customers, distilling their wishes into new workflows, designs, and code. Tenant reps: here's what's new in Plans.

Sent Spaces

Share the power of Plans with their prospects. Just send a link, and tenants will be able to make changes to their floor plan, see space metrics update in real time, and envision their future office with a 3D walkthrough - all without logging in.

Gauge Interest

Send a test fit to a tenant, then follow their activity using our new Sent Spaces dashboard. Gain insights into your prospects' interest level by tracking who is interacting with the floor plan, what is being changed, and the duration of their visit.

New Design

Plans also has a new look. The new home page, My Spaces, allows you to see all of your assets at a glance. Scroll right to any space and view each floor's demisings side by side.

To see the latest, log in to Plans now. Not yet a customer? Get in touch.