Introducing Floored Plans - Test Fits Finally Made Simple

Today, we're thrilled to announce Floored Plans, a first-of-its-kind test fit software from Floored. We've been working on this all year, and are so excited to finally share it with you.

Plans solves a major pain point in the leasing process: the creation and revision of test fits. A drastic rethinking of a crucial step in leasing, Plans eliminates the hassle of drafts, corrections, changes, and phone calls by empowering owners and brokers to create their own test fits. In short, Plans reduces a weeks-long process to minutes.

Best of all, Plans contains the best of all the knowledge we've gained about space. We've poured all our engineering and architecture capability into the creation of algorithms that intelligently lay out desks, offices, conference rooms, and more in optimal configurations, automatically making the most of any floor plan. It's like an architect in the cloud.

With Plans, we continue to pursue the mission that defines Floored: build tools that facilitate better communication about space. For the past two years, Luma, our 3D engine, has provided interactive, photorealistic renderings for real estate projects around the world, empowering developers, architects, and tenants to explore buildings in virtual reality before they're even built. For a year, our simple 3D floorplans let apartment hunters better understand Streeteasy's thousands of listings. And today, with Plans, we offer our best effort yet at enhancing communication among those who work with space.

To learn more about Plans, watch the video above, or head over to our Plans page. To see what others are saying, check out our press coverage in TechCrunch and The Real Deal. And if you're ready to see Plans in action, contact us to schedule a demo.

It's a big day for us, but we think it's an even bigger one for the real estate industry. Thanks for following our story-we can't wait to show you what we're working on next.