Moving Day

2013 02 nyc skyline View from the roof deck of our new office.

We just moved in to our new offices in Soho — check out that view!

Our awesome team has been growing rapidly and we've stretched the limits of the wonderful incubator space provided by Accel.

2013 02 marco conference room In the old office, Marco works from the conference room after losing the game of musical chairs.

Our new office has plenty of space for everyone, a full kitchen, super-fast internet, and a gorgeous roof deck. We've also have lots of extra space for new additions.

We're very excited about our new space; great things will be happening here!

2013 02 moving boxes Marco and Sonia carry boxes out of our old building.

2013 02 packing boxes in car Engineering problems: Dustin and Nick pack up a car.

2013 02 unpacking Marco, Nick, and Jake claim desks and start unpacking at our new office.

2013 02 kitchen Marco, Nick, Dave, Jake, and Sonia take a break and have a snack in our new, fully-stocked kitchen.

2013 02 speed Possibly the fastest internet we've ever seen. This will make it fast to download er... 3D models.