New Jobs Page

We've had a live product for about six months now. In that time, we've been very busy designing our internal tools, but we haven't had a chance to seriously think about our public-facing website. With a big wave of internal work wrapping up, we decided to loop back and reconsider our web presence. After all, we're six months more knowledgeable about about who our customers are, which messaging resonates best with them, and, most importantly, what we're looking for in our team.

So we decided to start with our Jobs page. How smartly we grow our team is the most important variable in determining whether we're going to be a company that creates tremendous value for our shareholders. Naturally, we gave it a lot of love, and to great effect: we think this page is the clearest realization yet of the Floored brand. We feel it's a a deeper, more mature take on our aesthetic — a sort of version 1.5 of our company's character.

The biggest improvements are a refined color palette, more consistent typography, restrained use of textures, and ample white space. But the first thing you'll probably notice are the illustrations. They're drawn using only identically-sized, equilateral triangles, so we're calling them "tricons". They're a great new wrinkle on our look, and we're thrilled to add them to our library of brand elements. Right now there are four — one for each of Floored's teams — but stay tuned for more as we refresh the rest of our site in the coming weeks.

There are some interesting things happening under the hood as well. Many of the images on the page, including all of the tricons, are .svg files. This makes them lightweight, resolution-independent, and easy to edit. All of the animations are implemented with CSS3 transforms, which take advantage of hardware acceleration for fluid movement on all devices. (Jake is especially proud of finding a CSS-transform-based solution for scrolling that panoramic photo of our roof deck.) Best of all, the page is responsive: try viewing it on your computer and on your phone to see how it rearranges itself to fit both screens. We used the text-align: justify method, popularized by our neighbors at Barrel, to accomplish this without relying on Javascript or poor semantics.

We value this page above all the others on our site, so please check it out! If you love it, hate it, or just feel neutral, we want to hear your feedback. Feel free to email us at, or tweet at us @floored3D.