Plans in Practice - Jordan Yarboro, JLL

Plans in Practice is a monthly series of interviews featuring CRE brokers, landlords, and tenants. Each month, the Floored team will spotlight a Plans client and discuss the role Plans plays in their leasing process.

JLL Broker, Jordan Yarboro, knows that it is his job to be the best advisor he can be to his clients. That's why when it comes to working quickly and efficiently, he uses tools like Plans to get ahead.

Floored: Tell us about your role at JLL.

JLL: I'm a broker at JLL, where I represent both tenants and landlords in the Greater Boston area.

Floored: What did your process look like before Plans? Why did you decide to incorporate Plans into your workflow?

JLL: We would get a space program for a tenant and if they chose our building as a finalist we would agree to have the architect put together a test-fit. We always seemed behind the 8-ball with this process, and after a few missed tenant opportunities we were reluctant to spend the money for an architect every time. Plans allows us to be more proactive rather than reactive when it comes to chasing tenant prospects for our listings.

Floored: Can you tell us about a specific client in which Plans played a significant role?

JLL: We have a good example with a recent confidential tenant at 1 Burlington Woods. We knew that this tenant was in the market for new space and were close to signing at another building. We were able to get their program from their broker and put together a couple layouts in a piece of space that had been vacant for some time. We priced the plan quickly and knew that with the expected build out costs we could be aggressive on the economics and might have a chance to steal the deal. We sent them a Plans layout and got them to tour the next day. A couple of quick plan changes based on their feedback and within two weeks we had a signed LOI.

Plans created testfit

Floored: Now that you have experience with Plans, how has using this tool changed your process?

JLL: When we have an inquiry or tour lined up with a tenant prospect, we always try to get an understanding of their space program ahead of time. This way we can put together a couple of layout options in Plans to present on tour and use for the proposal process. It gives our contractor a good basis from which to estimate costs very early on in the process.

Floored: What feature of Plans has been the biggest game changer for your team?

JLL: Overall the speed and efficiency. The 3D tool is particularly helpful in shell/raw space as it can be difficult for tenants to envision themselves occupying the space.

Floored: In terms of usability, how easy was it to adopt Plans as a new technology?

JLL: Very easy, I learn best from playing around with different softwares, but a quick tutorial is all someone needs. The support staff is eager and very helpful to walk you through any issues.

Floored: What is most exciting to you in the future of CRE?

JLL: Technology is helping everyone think differently about their real estate and now there are so many tools available for nearly any aspect of the industry. As a broker, our clients depend on us for advice to help them make smart real estate decisions. Information and time management are crucial to our success, so anything that helps me in these areas are exciting.