Press Roundup

The year is flying by and periodically we get behind on updating the blog, which brings me great shame. Particularly when it robs you, our loyal reader, of important news about our company and the world.

So without further ado, here's a quick roundup of what the world has been saying about us over the past few months:

Wall Street Journal: “3D set to transform real estate market”

The is the first press piece we've had where the journalists actually came out with us to scan two totally different properties: an open, empty commercial space which we scanned with the Faro Focus, and a dense, furnished residential space which we scanned with the Matterport camera. Finally, we end with viewing our models with the Oculus Rift, a cool tour de force of some of the technologies we work with, in addition to our own.

Venturebeat via the Real Deal: “Real Estate's Hot New Entrepreneurs”

An excellent overview article on what is state of the art in the world of real estate software. There's a great profile of Floored in there, along with features on our friends at Honest Buildings, Compstak, Fundrise & Urban Compass. Two highlights from this particular article are excellent references from our customers, Hines and Taconic Investment Partners, and being called “the sexiest thing in the industry right now.”

NY Daily News: “New York Tech Startups Awarded Opportunity to Launch in London”

We were extremely fortunate to win our category at the GREAT Tech Awards, which took me over to London last week to explore opening up an office in the UK in 2014. The trip was very successful in that we both identified a series of meaningful customer engagements overseas and also laid the groundwork for a partnership with the government's construction strategy group.

Urban Land Institute: “CRE Tech Companies to Watch

Quick profiles of some of the high fliers in CRE, many of the same players featured as in the Real Deal article, plus CRE stalwart View the Space. Pithy, punchy analysis about why each company “matters” in the industry as well.

As always, we're grateful for such flattering reviews of the company and prognostications about our future! Any questions or comments, feel free to leave a note on the blog post!

- Dave