Interactive 3D Visualization for Everyday Use

We had a WebGL hackathon a couple months ago; it was a lot of fun and we were super impressed by everyone who came.

As the hosts of the event, we knew we had to do something really good. Something that everyone can use. Something where 2D just won't do it justice.

A Star is Born

Introducing the Pooperator, an interactive 3D poop:

animated pooperator preview

Use Cases


3D is already being pioneered as a teaching tool for kids. A 3D version of he Bristol Stool Scale can be much more realistic and educational.


Good poop == good health. Caretakers, dog-walkers, baby-sitters, etc. can track and communicate the health of their charges. Track down allergies, bad eating habits, and illnesses.


Make logs with friends! Compete for longest streak of firm poops. Leave poops on their Facebook wall.


Here are just a few of the future features:

  • Variables like viscosity, size, volume
  • Textures for different foods
  • Social: share your triumphs on Twitter and Facebook
  • Embeddable 3D viewer for putting interactive logs on any site
  • Journal of your fecal history
  • Leap Motion controls for viewing
  • Hardware addon for toilet bowls to generate 3D models

Have other ideas? Check it out on Github: