Build 3D

Explore any real estate project — even those that aren't yet built — in realistic, interactive 3D, right from your browser.

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Who does Build 3D help, and how?
Real estate developers have big visions to sell, and it can be hard to communicate how a new building, park, mall, or neighborhood will feel. Build 3D gives them a custom, videogamelike experience that puts the explorer into the space.

[Build 3D] was a differentiator in our pitch and most certainly helped us win the assignment. The clients were very impressed with the technology.

Josh Peterson, Vice President

Lion Building

By incorporating a Build 3D model of this San Fransisco warehouse into their pitch, CBRE’s brokers differentiated themselves from the competition, and impressed the building’s owners enough to win their business.


How It Works

Bespoke 3D

Our team of artists use the project's architectural and marketing materials to build a custom 3D model of the space.

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Fully interactive

Build 3D is a truly interactive 3D experience—not just a panorama, flythrough video, or rendering. In Build 3D, you can wander spaces freely and see them from any angle.

Fully online

Build 3D runs entirely in a web browser, so anyone with an internet connection, a modern browser, and a reasonably powerful computer can explore.

Mockup of Build 3D running in a browser
Screen grab of the Build 3D editing UI

Powerful, homemade technology

Build 3D is powered by a physically-based WebGL renderer we wrote from scratch.

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Technologies that power Build 3D

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Luma (Our homemade renderer)
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Challenges of building Build 3D

If you were on the Build 3D team, your work would help bring the 3D stuff above to as many people as possible. Here are some problems you might solve.

What's the easiest way for a user who's never played a video game to explore a 3D environment using a laptop?
How can we make physically based lighting happen in a browser, at 30 frames per second, on an underpowered GPU?
What techniques can artists use to create 3D environments that are realistic and detailed, but can be downloaded quickly over a slow internet connection?

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