A market education tool that creates data-driven, interactive, and portable presentations. The app helps clients understand commercial real estate in their city, on-demand.

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Who does MarketDash help, and how?

Simply put, CBRE’s office brokerage professionals and their clients.

It can be hard for companies looking at office space to understand the “why” behind the current real estate market. It’s also hard for brokers to find up-to-date market information for clients, and communicate it visually. With MarketDash, CBRE brokers can easily surface market data in custom, interactive presentations, to better advise clients.

How It Works

Sleek and Interactive Presentations

Easy navigation with stylized content, whether you’re in the boardroom or local coffee shop.

Understand the Region

Transportation infrastructure, economic indicators, and quick facts help contextualize the market for those beginning their real estate search.

Explore Market Statistics

Dig into economic trends in local markets and understand how they affect upcoming leasing decisions.

Recent transactions table.

Review Key

Look at past transactions to understand market pricing, see what spaces are currently available, or simply check the year a building was built.

Technologies that power MarketDash

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Challenges of building MarketDash

If you were on the MarketDash team, here are some problems you might solve.

How can we enable non-technical professionals to create data driven presentations with a user friendly experience?
Clients have diverse needs. How do we provide users customization to support each unique real estate situation?
How do we store and surface vast amounts of data in relevant ways to CBRE professionals?

Want to help build MarketDash?