Determine the right amount of space for your next office.

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Who does Spacer help, and how?
Companies have historically turned to workplace strategists to create office space programs that match the needs of their employees. With Spacer, small to medium sized tenants who are not the traditional Workplace Strategy client and searching for advice about their office space online can get space planning recommendations instantly.

My client is in the early process of opening a new coworking space. The program was ideal for her to think about her space needs and configuration.

Sophie Lacroix, CBRE Broker

Pollack Shores

Pollack Shores Real Estate Group used Spacer to evaluate their current space usage and plan for the future.


How It Works

Determine your needs

Start by filling out the 17-question quiz.

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Customize your results

Tweak the recommended space types to fit your specific needs.

Visualize in 3D

View a space similar to yours in 2D and 3D with Plans.

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Find the perfect office

Let a CBRE professional hunt down an office space that matches your program, free of charge!

Ready to give it a go?

Technologies that power Spacer

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Challenges of building Spacer

If you were on the Spacer team, here are some problems you might solve.

How can we make an automated experience feel customized?
How can we translate a 3 month process into a 15 minute online experience?
How do we design a system for storing large amounts of space data?

Want to help build Spacer?